Puss In Boots


Puss In Boots is about a loyal cat who helps his master gain much land, fortune, and eventually a bride. Three brothers are left a mill, an ass, and a cat. Each brother gets one, and the youngest is left the cat. The youngest brother, Marquis, is sad and worried that he will be able to do nothing with the cat. The cat overhears Marquis dissapointment and asks him for a bag and boots and he will serve him well. Marquis gives the cat what he asked for without much hope. The cat then sets off and captures a rabbit and gives it to the King of the land. The King gladly accepts the gift and thanks the cat. The cat continues to deliver gifts to the King, saying that they were from Marquis everytime. The cat then comes up with a plan and tells Marquis to bathe in the river and he would take care of the rest. Marquis does what the cat says, and shortly the cat is passing by with the King and his daughter. The cat yells that Marquis is drowning and the King, remembering the name asks his guards to save him. The King treats Marquis very well and dresses him. As they are riding along the King’s daughter begins to fall in love with Marquis. The cat remembers that nearby there is a ogre king whom lives in a beautiful castle. This ogre can turn into any animal he wishes. The cat pays him a visit and asks the ogre king if he could turn into the greatest animal he could think of. The ogre king then turns into a lion and scres the cat. The cat is impressed and tells the ogre if he could turn into a very small animal, such as a bird or a mouse. The ogre king accepts the challange and turns into a mouse, and the cat then quickly eats him up. The cat runs back to the carriage and tells the King that they should visit Marquis great castle, which used to be the ogres, to have dinner. The King impressed by all this offers his daughter to Marquis. Marquis as thanks for all the cat did for him made him into a noble.

Character Analysis: Puss In Boots

Puss in Boots is a talking cat in the story. Not much physical description is given in the story, but he always carries around a bag and wears boots. He is very loyal and respectful to his master Marquis. Puss in boots is very quick and cunning, using trickery to capture his prey. It seems the Puss in boots has a great amount of confidence in himself and fears very little, no matter what size the person or animal. He lies, but only when it will win him or his master something in return, and is also very intelligent and brave. The way he speaks shows his confidence and it seems that even many humans fear the cat. Puss in boots also speaks in a very gentlemen like manner, and is very respectful to those above him.

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