Summary and Character Analysis (Brother Sister)

The story I read was brother sister.  It was a very good story it was talking about how a man re married and the step mother beat the kids everyday . Then one day the kids ran away.  Then they found out there step mom was a witch.  Then the brother wanted some water but there step mom put a spell on all the lakes.  Then after the third lake, the brother turned into a roe.  Then the sister took care of her brother for the rest of his roe life until one day they want to stay with the king and they got the spell token off and he became a boy again.


Character Analysis:


At first the sister seem scared at first when they was running away from their step mom. Then towards the middle of the story, she became a very brave person.  Then at the end of the story she was a loyal. The reason she seem loyal is because she said that she would always take care of her brother and from the time he became a roe until he turned back into a boy she did that very thing.

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