The Godfather Death

Summary: This a tale about a poor man who has a thirteenth child that he cannot take care of so he needs to find a godfather to assist him with the child. The man choose Death. When the child becomes of age, Death takes him and says that he will grant him the power and abilty to be the best physician in the world but if he ever defied him, he would be greatly punished. So when the boy abused his power twice after having being already warned, Death “overcomes” him and takes him to the “belly of the Earth.” When they arrive, Death shows him the lives of men, old and young, and when seeing the fate that awaits him, the boy begs Death to “light his life” again. When Death refuses a second chance, the boy realizes his mistake too late and is now in the hands of Death.

Character Analysis: In The Godfather Death the main character turns out to be the youngest of thirteen children. When the child was born, finacial problems were already relevant, so his father decided he would need some great assistance. When the father finally chooses Death to become the Godfather, Death shelters, nurtures, and cares for the boy as though he was his own. With the help of the godfather, the boy channels his stamina and intuition and becomes the greatest physician in the world. The young healer was well-known and well-liked among all that came in contact with him including the local royalty. When the boy relaizes great fame and fortune can come from healing the two members of the royal family, he uses stealth and decepition to heal the King and princess to become wealthy. The boy soon realizes that when defying law or the authority in your life, consequences must be paid for disobedience. Death takes the boy to hell while at the same time takes his life that he took such advantage of.

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