The Tinderbox :)

A solider walking down a road was stopped by a witch that helped him get into a tree where he would find a lighted up hallway with three chambers. Each door opened up to a room that had a dog standing over chest. One had silver , the other one had copper and the other one had gold. By the time he went to the last room which was gold he threw out the copper and silver and filled his boots , cap, and knapsack with gold. He was rich. But the witch had given him an order to bring back a tinderbox that her grandmother had left behind last time she went in the tree.When he asked what the tinderbox was for and she did not tell him he cut her head off. Eventually he went into to town that had a princess no one had ever seen and he would hit the tinderbox and the dogs from the chamber would come and give him whatever he wanted even the princess. One day the King and Queen found out where he lived and the soldier was sent to be hung.The dogs rescued him and killed the King and Queen and he was now pronounced King with his new wife the princess.

Character Analysis:

At first the soldier seems nice and willing to be friends with a witch . He actually takes his time to listen what she has to say. When she told him he would be getting money he asked her what could he do for her. This shows how he does not like to just take but give. But then he cut her head off showing how ruthless he was , maybe that was the soldier sid of him coming out. He loved money because he filled his cap, boots and knapsack with gold.He obviously was not rich and a poor solider. When he learned there was a princess in town he wanted her and made sure he got her at the end. This shows how spoiled the money made him .

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