A Cinderella overview

The story is about a young girl whose father remarries after her mother tragically dies. Unofrtunately, the father marries another woman who appears to himself, a great woman. This is not the case, as the stepmother, and her two daughters treat the girl like their slave, making her do all the housework around the house. One of the stepsisters names her Cinderella, and this is the name that she is addressed as by the stepsister and stepmother. The stepmother and her daughters are extremely wealthy, and are always dressed really classy, having beautiful rooms decorated with the latest fashions, however Cinderella has to sleep on a straw bed. One night, the stepsisters are invited to a ball, spending hours getting ready. Cinderella longs to go to the ball, but when she mentions this to her stepsisters they laugh at Cinderella, saying that no one would want to see such a Cinderwench at the ball. After the stepsisters have left to attend the ball, Cinderella cried to her godmother, saying how she wished she could attend the ball. Cinderella’s godmother makes her a promise that if Cinderella is a good girl she will be able to go to the ball. Cinderella’s godmother tells her to go to the garden to pick up a pumpkin which the godmother, with her wand turns into a gold coach,six mice that the godmother turns into six fine horses, a rat that the godmother turns into a coachman, and six lizards turned into six footman. Cinderella was so greatful that she could attend the ball but did not want to go in her rags of clothing, and with that, her godmother turned her rags into a beautiful dress with fine jewels. The only promise that the godmother asked of Cinderella is that she must leave the ball by midnight, and if she did not obey this rule, then all that had been transormed, would go back to what it had been before. For example, the coach would become a pumpkin again, and Cinderella’s clothing would turn back into the rags she wore before. Once Cinderella arrives to the ball, the Prince of the ball finds her beautiful, and together they danced, the Prince admired her. Her sisters had no idea who she was, as she did not appear as the Cinderella that they knew. When Cinderella heard the clock strike three quaters, she immediately left the ball, as she had remembered what her godmother told her would happen if she did not leave by midnight. When her stepsisters had arrived home from the ball, they told Cinderella about this beautiful woman who had attended the ball and how no one knew who she was, and how the Prince would give anything to know who she was. The next day there was another ball, and again Cinderella’s godmother transformed her for the ball to be even more beautiful than the time before. The Prince remained by her side throughout the entire evening, but again, when the clock strike twelve Cinderella believed it to be eleven, and immediately fled to leave the ball, The Prince followed but could not catch up to her. However, while Cinderella had been running, she left behind one of her glass slippers that the Prince had picked up. Days after, the Kings son ( the prince) announced that he would marry whoevers foot were to fit the slipper, and with that wondered to houses to find the young woman. When the prince arrived at Cinderella’s house, her stepsisters tried to thrust on the slipper to fit them, however it did not. Then Cinderella asked the prince “let me see if the slipper will fit me” her stepsisters burst into laughter. When the prince put the slipper onto Cinderella, it fitted her perfectly, but was even more astonishing when she pulled out the other slipper from her pocket. Upon Cinderella fitting into the slipper she became the beautiful woman that was seen at the ball, and her and the prince were to marry. Her stepsisters asked to be forgiven for the unkindness that they had shown Cinderella and she accepted their apologies.She and the prince married, and she let her two stepsisters lodge at the palace, introducing them to great lords of the court.

Cinderella’s character is a very beautiful young woman, with good qualities. Throughout the story she remains very well natured, and even when treated like a slave by her stepsisters, she is always there to help them throughout the story, helping the dress for the ball. She does not tell her father about her stepmother as she believes he will not believe her words. When Cinderella think she is unable to attend the ball, she is very disheartened. This shows the sensitivity that Cinderella posseses. I also thibk the character of Cinderella is very patient throughout doing all the housework around the house, aswell as very forgiving, as at the end of the story she forgiver her stepsisters of the way they treated her, and lets them stay with her at the palace.

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