“Diamonds and Toads Part II”

Character Analysis:

The youngest daughter in “Diamonds and Toads” is described as “the very picture of her father for courtesy and sweetness of temper [and] one of the most beautiful girls ever seen.”  Even though her mother is very unkind to her, the youngest daughter’s character never changes it remains a static character.  When she meets the fairy, who is disguised as an old lady, the youngest daughter is said to be “so very pretty, and so good and so mannerly” the fairy is compelled to give her a gift for her kindness that the girl offered the disguised fairy.  After she is given the gift, where she spits out flowers and diamonds, she runs home and is scolded by her mother; the youngest daughter apologizes for not being more “haste”.  Through the story she is referred to as pretty and well mannered and she never loses that presence even through the harsh mistreatment her mother and older sister dish out to her. 

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