Goose Girl

There was once a princess who was raised properly and knew she was to be given away to a king someday. She was provided with every essential needed to be properly fit as a queen, she had manners, a house maiden, and a mother who raised her well. When the time came to be given to a king, the mother gave her hankerchief with three spots of blood on it to represent her status as a princess, she set off with her house maiden. While on the journey, the house maiden refused to assist the princess and fetch her something to drink. The maiden then realized that the princess dropped her hankerchief and the maiden then knew that princess no longer had any power over her. The maiden then makes the princess get off her  horse and act as though the maiden is the princess and the princess is the maiden. Once they arrived at the palace, the new and old king were deceived and the princess was made to be a goose chaser. The other goose chaser of the palace began to get annoyed with the behavior of the princess because she would let down her gold hair and every time the boy wanted to grab some, she made the wind blow and the boy would have to chase after his hat. When the old king was informed of this, he observed the princess and realized that his son was being deceived, he dressed and placed the princess on her throne and the maiden where she belonged. The king asked the maiden what should be done and the maiden replied to him with the idea that the person should be dragged naked on nails by horses. The king then replied with well that should be done to you. The princess and the king then lived happily ever after.


Character Analysis:

The Princess was very elegant and beautiful, her mother raised her to carry herself with elegance because she knew once old enough, she would be handed off to a king one day. The maiden treated the princess so badly, the princess still remained sweet and innocent. The princess never once treated the maiden the same way that the maiden treated her. The princess was very beautiful, sweet, and innocent all at the same time. These characteristics helped the old king to realize that she was the real princess and not the maiden.

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