The Ugly Duckling is about a baby duck was born looking very different form his brothers and sisters. He was the last one to hatch and his mom even thought about leaving him. Every single creature on the pawn ass well as his own siblings made fun of him. He was so ugly that even the little girl that owned the lake threw rocks at him. The ugly ducking finaly got tired of all the harassment and ran away. He landed in a bigger lake miles from his home and soon realized it was a mistake. Out of no where bullets were flying, wild ducks were falling, turns out it was a hunting ground. He was able to escape safely and flew to an abandone cabin for safety. He met a chicken, a cat, and an old lady that didn’t judge him by the way he looked. The ugly duck spent about a year their growing in an aldult. He finaly grew enough courage and flew back home. When he landed he noticed every animal on the lake came to see who was the new beautiful duck. He soo realized that he wasn’t ugly and that he was the best looking of them all. Every duck on the lake threw peices of bread at him and treated him like a king.

The ugly duckling is sad and hurt at the same time cause she is diferent from her siblings. his brothers and sisters are mean and crule and dont care about his feelings. He grows impatient and runs away from all the abusse. The ugly duck finds comfort in an old lady that cares for his needs. Hes able to forget about the rough childhood he had and flys back home. When he arrives, he feels happy that they no longer see him as an duck.

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