The story of Thumbelina is about a tiny creature who is a beautiful girl, born from a tulip and is placed in a world of confusion. Thumbelina is challenged to find her own place in the world, but has to go through many challenges, for example, she has to free herself of the men, in this case, the toad’s son, the cockchafer, and the rich mole, who are identified as unequally social towards Thumbelina. They all harm Thumbelina and make her cry, but she manages to overcome these dark moments with the help of a swallow who frees her from getting married to the blind mole and takes her to his warm, sunny land and allows her to chose her own shelter. When she choses a flower to live in the flower opens and a tiny, handsome prince is found in the middle and they both get married.

Character Analysis: Thumbelina as the name indicates is as big as a “thumb” and her appereance is full of beauty. Thumbelina is a static character because she loves sunshine and nature more than anything and manages to fly away from the toad’s marsh, which took her away from her sunny life and puts her in the underworld, because she consistently runs away from the men who try to deprive her from what she likes, she finds a way to escape. Therefore she is not a dynamic character because she does not change psychologically throughout the story. The author discloses the character as emotional, beautiful, and talented,for example in line 28 shows an emotional expression of Thumbelina,” She wept at the thought that she was so ugly that even the cockchafers would have nothing to say to her”.  Thumbelina isalone for the second time, but she is not relieved to have escaped the cockchafers, being more upset about the fact that they have found her ugly. An example of beauty is found on line 21,”They saw she was very pretty, and it made them very sorry to think that she must go and live with the ugly toads.” The last characteristic is talent, Thumbelina had a melancholy voice that drew the attention of the men in the story.

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