Who is the Fairest of All?


Snow White is a fairy tale about a beautiful girl with skin as beautiful as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony-wood. Snow White’s father soon remarries a beautiful woman with an evil heart. The new queen possesses a magic mirror which she asked often “Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?” The mirror would always answer that she was surely the most beautiful, until Snow White began growing more and more beautiful. This brought total hatred in the queen’s heart. In her jealous rage, the queen ordered a woodsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. The woodsman’s kind heart allowed Snow White to live with the promise that she will not return. She ran into the woods and came upon a little cottage to which she entered. Everything in the cottage was small, but Snow White ate some food and fell asleep on seven small beds. The seven dwarfs who lived in the cottage came home to find Snow White in their beds. They marveled at her beauty and allowed her to stay with them in exchange for housework. Every day the dwarfs warned her about her evil stepmother for she found that Snow White was still alive and vowed to kill her. Snow White was careful, that is, until one day when the queen disguised herself and tricked Snow White into buying stay-laces. Because of their beautiful colors, Snow White could not resist and allowed the queen (still disguised) to tie the laces. The queen tied them so tight that Snow White could not breathe and fainted. The dwarfs soon came home to find her unconscious and cut the laces. The queen again heard that Snow White was still alive and again disguised herself and made a poisonous comb. Snow White again let the queen in and soon layed poisoned on the floor. The dwarfs again found her and took the comb out of her hair. Yet again, the queen found her plan spoiled. Snow White was told not to open the door to anyone and she agreed. One day the queen again disguised herself and made a half an apple poison. She persuaded Snow White to talk through the window. The queen then proved to Snow White that the apple was not poison by eating the white half (the red half was poison). Snow White was tempted by the red color that she too took a bite of the apple and fell down dead. The dwarfs found her and could not revive her. They placed her body in a glass coffin, allowing them to gaze at her beauty. One day a prince that was wandering the woods asked to stay the night at the dwarfs’cottage. The next day he saw Snow White and fell in love with her. He then took her to his castle and marveled at her beauty for days. One of the prince’s servant was aggrivated of having to carry Snow White’s coffin around the castle that he took Snow White out of the coffin and hit her back. This gesture lodged out the piece of apple in Snow White’s mouth and she came back to life. They were soon married. The evil queen was invited to their wedding. She was so angry that she did not realize her newly made shoes were still red-hot from the fire. She put them on and danced to death.

Character Analysis:

Snow White was, of course, beautiful and named after her perfectly white complexion. She remains a static character for she never learns to not open the door to strangers. She lives under the care of her evil stepmother most of her young life until she begins to become more beautiful than the queen (around seven years old). Snow White is exposed to this evil character but still manages to stay her kind and beautiful self, both inside and out.

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