Bearskin is a tale about a soldier who fights for his country for as long as possible, but after the war he is discharged and has no place to live and no way of making money. He decides to go and live with his brother, but when his brother no longer welcomes him, he leaves with no destination in mind. Along his way he finds a man in a green cloak, also known as the Devil, who promises him wealth if he kills a bear for him. He kills the bear and takes his skin as a cloak; this cloak has a pocket filled with money. After wearing this cloak for some time he begins to look like a bear. He then meets an old man while staying at an Inn, and helps him out by giving him some money. In return, the old man promises the hand of one of his beautiful daughters. The two older daughters refuse but the youngest daughter agrees even though she feels regret. The soldier finally get to remove the bearskin after meeting with the devil again and returns to his privious skin. The youngest daughter is very happy now and the two older sisters are furious because they missed out on his gorgeous look. They end up killing themselves in the end due to the heartbreak of not marrying the wonderful soldier. The Devil then tells the soldier, “”Seest thou, I have now got two souls in the place of one.”

Character Analysis:

In the Beginning of the tale the character is known as “Soldier,” and his appearance is very handsome. The character is dynamic because he changes throughout the tale. He goes from being known as a soldier to being known as “Bearskin,” and then from being handsome to looking scary like a bear. The Character goes from feeling like he has no where to go, then to having a place with his brother, then back to having no where to go after his brother kicks him out. The soldier is brave and sets out to find his place, but he finds the devil and exchanges his soul for wealth for seven years. He then becomes scary and ugly and the other characters are very scared of him. This curse last for seven years and he then changes back into the gorgeous human being that he once was.

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