“The Girl With No Hands” Summary and Character Analysis


In “The Girl with No Hands” a miller unknowingly gives his daughter away to the devil for a great sum of wealth. However, she is too clean for the devil to take her away. The devil requests that the water be taken away, after that, she cries on her hands to clean herself. One final time the devil requests that her hands be severed from her limb so that she could not cry on them anymore. The miller fulfills his request out of fear, but she cried so much that she was still clean. She left her father’s house after the devil had given up and ended up marrying a King and living with him. The king had to leave for war and told his queen to watch over his mother in case she became ill. The queen has a child and letter sent between the mother and King gets intercepted by the devil. The tainted letter told the mother to kill the wife and cut out her eyes and tongue. She cut out the eyes, tongue, but left her live, and the queen flees the castle. She is rescued by a guardian angel and years later found by her husband.

Character Analysis:

The Queen in “The Girl without Hands” was a very determined and loyal character. She was a god fearing individual and completely had faith in her father’s judgment. Even she was not to blame for her father’s predicament, she still accepted the amputation of her hands in an act to bail him out of his cowardly decisions. She shows loyalty to god after first, leaving her father’s house, and second setting out into the countryside with her child without eyes, hands, or tongue. She changes from being a very dependent character to being rather independent. Through out the entire story she was wholesome and did the right thing, in return she lived happily ever after.

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