The Ugly Duckling


The ugly duckling is about a “duck” who thinks that he is ugly because he doesn’t look like everyone else. He is very self conscious and is always sad. He wonders around and tries to keep up with the others but his own mother does not want him. He is lost and confused in the world until he finally grows up. He turns out not to be an ugly duckling but instead a beautiful swan that soon is prettier than the rest.

Character Analysis:

The momma duck wants nothing to do with the duckling because she doesn’t think that it was hers but tries to treat it the same. The ugly duckling is very self conscious and confused why he looks different than the others and doesn’t know why. The brothers and sisters laugh and make fun of him because he is not the same as them.

About Laura

This is my first year at College and I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher. I'm not really good at math but am wanting help on it so i can be better at it. I love penguins and all animals... except fish. I'm very diverse I love all types of music and I'm not just being cliche'. I am strongly against drunk driving. I get along with alot of people just give me a chance.
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