Dear Students,

Dear Students,

I am going to be teaching your class this semester and I am looking forward to getting to know you.  There is going to be a lot going on this semester and we will stay busy.

I am committed to helping you understand what you need to do and I know that you are committed to doing it.

By enrolling in college this semester, you have made a commitment to learn new things, prepare for your next step in life, and help yourself succeed.  Congratulations!

This semester will seem slow at the beginning and speed up rapidly.  I have tried to make the class vary in tempo as well.  The last few weeks of class are scheduled to be easier than the weeks at the beginning and the middle.  I am hoping that when you have other class pressures, this lighter load will encourage you to persevere and finish the race and win the prize of a completed course grade.

I know this will be a busy semester for all of us.  Let’s work together to make it a good one.

Dr. Davis

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