Coronado Talents

Ten Things I am good at:


1. Raising my kiddos


3.Teaching physical education

4.Planning kids parties

5. Being under pressure

6.Taking pictures


8. Being involved in the community

9. Listening to people

10. Napping


Ten groups I am apart of:


1. Busy mommy’s club

2. Clean for free

3. Teachers for healthy kids

4. Mom’s taxi

5. Event planners

6. Photography for picture collectors

7. Trendy scrappers

8. Knob Hill Lake Lane security

9. Counseling for friends

10. Nap when you can


Everyone is apart of the Clean For Free Club.  Especially when you have kids; it makes you even higher in the club. This organization is for adults only. Children most of the time get something out of us for cleaning.  They will bribe you for money, ask to spend the night out, or want a toy for doing it. After all that we  still have to go back over it and clean more.  But, when you hit adulthood, it’s over.  For me, being apart of Clean For Free has made me a neat freak and cranky when it is messed up after I am done.  One day I will move up to the  Just Hire Housekeeping Club.

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