Interesting Things About Me

10 things I am good at…

  1. swimming
  2. gaming
  3. memorizing
  4. cooking
  5. shopping
  6. talking
  7. running
  8. science
  9. cycling
  10. relaxing

10 things I am a part of…

  1. a family
  2. spin class
  3. Kingwood Lonestar College
  4. a circle of friends
  5. a godmother
  6. Mrs. Davis’s 1301 english class
  7. myspace
  8. St. Marthas Catholic church
  9. QLS
  10. Buckle Clothing Co

Something unique about me that no one could know just by looking at me is  that I have a wonderful large family.  My mom and her seven brothers and sisters moved here in 1984 for my grandpa’s  buisness. Over the years they have all grown to be successful adults and start families of their own strangely still in Kingwood, which is where I come into the picture.  I am so blessed to have all my aunts, uncles, and thirty cousins right here in kingwood. Yep, you heard right, we are the “closest” any family could be!  We celebrate every occassion together birthdays, holidays, bridal or baby showers, just about everything. All of my cousins are like my best friends, since middle school the majority of us have gone to school together. Some people might not want to ever live that close to their family because even I will admit families can be a nusence but I would never want any other family.

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