Jewelry and the Martial Arts!

Good evening classmates and of course our professor;

The best 10 categories i am great at are:  cooking, repairs in jewelry, polishing nails or rings, quick reflexes, imaginative, color coordinated, skilled with my hands, playing the viola and piano, athletic, and leadership.

The best 10 groups that i am part of are: martial arts club,  orchestra,  video gamer , youtube, anime club,, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry,  Paris Junior College soccer club member,  fencing,  and domino player.

The most interesting thing about me is, I am a martial artist and a jeweler. A weird combination but it does have its advantages! I practice Northern Shoulin and Chinese Military martial arts, which strengthen the mind and body.  This is essential for me as a jeweler because of the hard work I have to do at my job. Everyday I have to use my body strength to saw, stretch, bend, and mold rings. Then I have to polish all the rings I had accumulated, which is about 45 rings a day. I also have to use my brain by calculating the size of a diamond and how many carats it is under a time limit! I also have to calculate pricing of gold, and keep track of all the inventory for the shop. With out my martial arts training, I think my life would be quite difficult and stressful.

About davidp

My occupation is jeweler and I work for Jared The Galleria of Jewelry.
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