Me Quita Lacy…..

1. Being a mother  

2. Praise Dancing

3. Singing

4. Making others happy

5. Entertaining

6. Being a Medical Assistant

7. Friend

8. Swimming

9. Striving for excellence

10. Being a great daughter

10 groups I am a part of….

1. Family

2. Church

3. Praise Dance Team

4. A Choir at church

5. Johnnie Branch & TASP Group Choir

6. Friendship Circle

7. Lone Star College Student

8. Medical Field

9. A loving Household

10. Jazz Band

In case you haven’t guessed it, the most important thing in my life  is family. I am a mother of  three ( two girls, and one boy). All of my life I was taught that without family and GOD on your side you are nothing. Also, as you can see I am a very active member in church. My social life is pretty well rounded because I only have a few people in my life that can be call real friends. In my opinion friends are someone that you can trust fully and you care truly about. As for my career currently I am a Medical Assistant but I am attending Kingwood College  to become a Registered Nurse. This field is my passion, I love my patients, helping people and it fits my personality perfectly.

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