A Glance of a Stranger

I do not notice things I am good at until I have to recollect them for a project such as this one. The first thing I notice is that I am good at typing. I just arrived home from work and I realize I am good at doing my job there. I have drawings on the walls of my apartment which have my signature on them. I clean the house very well when I am irritated or bored. I listen to many people about different issues. I accidentally ignore people at times. It is usually my brother. It is relatively easy for me to learn new skills. I have always loved to sing. Many people tell me I am good at it. I have learned to cook better since I moved into the apartment. I enjoy taking pictures, and many pictures I take turn out well.

1. Typing

2. Doing my job at work

3. Drawing

4. Cleaning

5. Listening to people’s troubles

6. Ignoring people accidentally

7. Learning new skills

8. Singing

9. Cooking

10. Taking pictures

I am first a wife to my husband. I feel that daughter would have to come next. I am a friend to many people, including my parents and my husband. My brother has an adorable little girl with a terrible name. I do not like my sister-in-law for that. I am a co-worker much of the week. I have been a student for eighteen years. My cat is the biological granddaughter of my old cat. I got my old cat when I was fourteen. I have an email account with Yahoo!Mail. I am currently still paying to own my car. My husband and I traded in my paid off Taurus for our new-used Mustang. My husband and I are currently renting an apartment with intent to rent a better apartment.

1. Wife

2. Daughter

3. Friend

4. Aunt

5. Co-worker

6. Student

7. Pet Owner

8. Yahoo!Mail user

9. Car Owner

10. Apartment Renter

It seems I often find myself in places where individuals tell me personal things about them. I always listen to them, and I enjoy listening to them. I am assuming those are three vital components of being a good listener. The things people tell me are not usually bad things. They are secrets, fears, dreams, and other ideas sometimes kept for close friends and family. The people who become comfortable with me are usually close friends and co-workers. There are times when complete strangers begin a conversation with me. These things people tell me are inspirational to me at times. I try to give them advice or assurance in return. One man began a conversation about the economy with me while I was bagging my items at Wal-Mart. I do not mind talking with strangers and hearing other’s secrets, but my secrets are reserved for only a few.

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