Cheap Gas!!!

10 things I’m good at:

1. drawing

2. listening

3.fixing my car

4. chasing my daughters

5. cooking

6. sales

7. turning on the A/c

8. smooth talking

9. putting gas in my car

10. sleeping

10 groups that I’m part of:

1. elementary science projects ‘R’ us

2. the listening lounge

3. Benjamin auto works (sometimes)

4. I’m too old to chase you, so I will just wait until you fall over tired club.

5. Mr. Betty Crockers

6. Sure!, I’ll have two of those, club.

7. bill payers of America

8. English as “A” favorite subject club (nothing subliminal about it)

9. Look!, gas is 3cents cheaper than yesterday, so let’s fill up again club.

10. C.I.A. ( couch improvement association)


Well, as you can already tell, I am a father of two wonderful little girls. So being part of any clubs can be a little limited. I am good at quite a few things as written above. The only downfall to being known as good, at anything, is that I’m volunteered by family members to do random activities. So, here it is; 

No, I will not draw you. Why do you want a picture of yourself anyway? Don’t you have enough self portraits on your cell phone?. I will not fix your car or chase your kids. Nor will I chase your kids with my car. I will not come over and cook. I do not cook green eggs and ham!  I can not come over to listen to you. I will not! Will not! Will not! I’m trying to sleep and enjoy the a/c. Please let me be! What? What is this you say? Gas is cheaper than yesterday? I’m on my way!

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