Running For Peace

There are ten things that I am good at… unfortunately just because I am good at them does not mean that I like them or that they are necessarily interesting. I guess we all just have to manage with the cards that we ae dealt.

To get the less interesting things out of the way I’ll begin with the fact that I am good in school- I had straight A’s all through high school and middle school. Along with school the suject that I am probably the best in is Algebra; not necessarily math-just Algebra. Due to the fact that I am an obsessive compulsive clean freak, I am good at cleaning too. I have a job at Smoothie King in Kingwood and I like to think that that is something else I am good at; I love my job so I work hard to be good at it. In my opinion running is the best stress reliever so running is something else im good at. Decorating rooms and layout plans is another thing i’m good at and i actually really enjoy doing it aswell. Baking, helping other people, and unfortunately spending money are other things that I am good at. I am a very sensitive person so it is very easy to make me laugh, so as you can imagine i got good at that over the years.

I consider myself apart of ten different groups. I belong to the Skylar and Andrea group-Enough said for that. A few other ones that I am apart of are the Smoothie King Society, The running for peace club, The amateur baker’s group, House maids 101, The Shopaholics, Helping Hands, laughaholics, The home decor group, and last but certainly not least School as a second job group.

To me, the most interesting group that I belong to is the runnig for peace club. I love this group because you don’t have to be a star runner to be in this group. Anyone who wants a healthy and fun way to relieve stress and get in shape should seriously consider this. There are no limitations with this group. You can run as far as you want and for as long as you want. There are no judges, no scores, or no prizes. This club was simply organized to better individuals mentally and physically. The whole group is a stress free enviornment aswell. Everyone who joins are there for the same purpose. This is a great place to make friends that will stick forever.

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