Things about me! :)

10 things I am good at:

1. I am good at math

2. I am good orangization

3. I am a good friend

4. I am good at taking care of animals

5. I am good worker

6. I amd good at drawing

7. I am good at baking

8. I am good at helping others

9. I am good at cookings

10. I am good at keeping my goals

10 groups I am part of:

1. church

2. facebook

3. myspace

4. school

5. kingwood

6.  bunco

7. family

8. work

9. lifeguarding


The interesting thing about my art group is that we can express our emotions and thoughts through are art wheather it would be paintings, drawings, or skecthings. This also changes the way you look at art different.

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