The Schurwon Family

I am good at driving, socializing, typing, fellowship, reading, working, sleeping, discipline, biking, and eating.
I am apart of Kingwood College, the Schurwon family, the Bull family, the Thomas family, the O’Leary family, the YMCA, Quiznos, the Benzaia family, and church, and Pre-algebra Math.

The Schurwon family is by fare the most interesting group. Filled with unique individuals with many talents, this family is spread almost worldwide. One Marine, three Texas Tech alumni’s, a Disciple of Christ, and two successful parents can bring many stories to the supper table. With many blessings from the heavens and a handful of trophies miracles are not uncommon. Open doors to all, the Schurwon household could write a book and produce a movie. Found to be not only generous, but special and welcomed by many.

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