What’s the weather like?

Things I am good at:
1.  Reading
2.  Short term forecasting
3.  Driving
4.  Simple console programming
5.  Nowcasting
6.  Storm chasing
7.  Cooking breakfast
8.  Grilling
9.  Medium range forecasting
10. Traveling

10 Groups:
1.  Family
2.  Astros fans
3.  Texans fans
4.  Rockets fans
5.  Aggie fans
6.  gmail users
7.  Right handed people
8.  Nearsighted people
9.  Windows users
10. Weather enthusiasts

I am a dedicated weather enthusiast.  I like to look at surface maps, satellite imagery, radar loops, et cetera, and understand what type of weather is occuring and where.  All types of weather fascinate me, from hot, sunny days, to pouring down rain.  However, snow and severe weather interest me the most.  I have been on three major storm chases, but have not yet seen a tornado.  For as long as I can remember, the weather has intrigued me.

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