who i am

hi, i graduated from high schooln in may of 2008. I am going to kingwood college toget my basics out of thw way for my first two years,then i am going to either Sam Houston or go to school in oklahoma i have alot of family up there.I am going to study to become a first grade teacherand my fall back will be graphic desighn.

Most people don’t know this about me but i am a black belt in karate. I am an assistant instructor at The Karate School were i teach the younger kids karate and i work there during the summer for the summer camp of karate were kids go on feild trips and they train for karate.

Also i am very active in my church, I am a sunday school teacher for 1st grade sunday school at my church. I also go on mission trips with my church and particapte in our youth group were we do fun games and sometimes service projects.

I’m  big into sports i love watching and going to football and baseball games,i a am a big Houston astros fan i love baseball its one of my favorite sports to watch and i am so much of a astros fan that i named my dog astro because we found him last year after an astros game. Another sport i like to watch is Football my favorite team is the indianaoplis colts.

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