At a glance

Ten things i’m good at :

1. Singing

2. Song writing

3. P.C. repair

4. Video games

5. Watching Television

6. Automotive mechanics

7. Electrical

8. Sleeping

9. Getting pulled over

10. Getting back up after making mistakes

Ten groups I am a part of :

1. X-Box live

2. Yahoo mail

3. Myspace

4. Engine 69

5. Triggercell

6. G-mail

7. You tube

 8. Facebook

9. My family

10. My 9 o’clock english class

Did you Know?

Just two years ago no one would have thought I would be doing what I am today not even me. I grew up in Splendora not too far from Kingwood. My family has always been very supportive and tried to raise me to be a normal young man, but what is normal. I have done some things that have not made my family so proud, and that have given me plenty of time to sit and think on. Now I am persuing a degree in Information Technology to further better my career options along with my family. This is just a little piece of me at a glance.

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