Ten things I’m good at:

1. volleyball

2. basketball

3. being a leader

4. cheerleading

5. socializing

6.  dancing

7. creativity

8.watching reality t.v. shows

9. being independent

10. being a role model

Ten groups I’m apart of:

1. The Turner Family

2. The Charles Family

3. Visible Changes fashion and hair show

4. Yahoo Mail

5. Myspace

6. Mocospace

7. Facebook

8. Jack In The Box

9. Church

10. College

Who wants know?

       Hi! I’m Ebony and I am a high school graduate with the  class of 2008  from Cleveland High School. One of the most  interesting thing I have encounter in my life was being apart of the  2005 Lady Indians Basketball Team . My former school was a 3A school located in a small town, however, we were known for our superior basketball teams both boys and girls. My freshmen year of high school I made the team and that year we were at our pinnacle. We blowed out different schools in our region until we made our way to state in Austin,  Texas. That whole week I felt like a celebrtity with bright cramas flashing in our faces, interviews with the press, and taking photos for the weekly  paper. Even though we placed second place we also made history in Cleveland, Texas. We were the first team  to go to state since womens basketball existed and I am glad I was able to be apart of  history.

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