Who Am I?

10 Things I am Good At:

1) Motherhood

2) Marriage

3) Punctuallity

4) Swimming

5) Responsibility

6) Multi-tasking

7) Organization

8.) Leadership

9) Decisive

10) Fast-paced positions


10 Groups I am a part of:

1) The Scott Family

2) Class of  ’01

3) Green Group

4) Mommy Club

5) Happily Married Club

6) V.O.T.

7) Cheerleaders Mom

8.) Future Nurses of America

9) Former Student Ambassador

10) Never Give up your dream club



I am a part of the elite group, the Veterinary

Ophthalmic Technicians.  We are the Veterinary

Ophthalmologist right hand, seeing all species;

dogs, cats, ferrets, owls, and even turtles.  We are

responsible for running diagnostics, pulling

pre-op blood, and assisting in surgeries.  VOTs

are rare and highly respectible technicians in

the veterinary world.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a

doggy eye nurse.

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