Poker or no Poker?

10 Things I’m Good At:

by KevinRolan on January 21, 2009

1. Manipulating

2. Playing Cards

3. Teaching people

4. Learning

5. Basketball

6. Math

7. Driving

8. Eating

9. Being Patient

10. Swimming

10 Groups I’m a Part of:

1. The Rolan Family

2. Class of 2008

3. Poker Club

4. LoneStar College

5. Basketball Team

6. Kingwood Athletic Club

7. Myspace

8. Yahoo Email

9. Reyna Family

10. Church

Hello, I’m Kevin and I graduated in 2008. Yet, I began playing poker in 2006 and that was a major turning point in my life because from there on i would learn i had many skills i never knew. Cards is a hobby, but also it’s a passion now that i figured out how to win a lot of money. It is my first step to be very successfull. This group has thousands of people with the same feelings as i have, yet skill plays a huge part to my success. I’ve won many tournaments online and live which for my age is a huge accomplishment. I hope to go further in this group and become famous, also in the mean time get a degree in accounting for a step B.

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