Becoming an A+ Student

  Making time in my hectic life to study is extremely challenging. Not only am I a full time student I have to take care of a family and work. According to Bennett I should be studying about 45-60 hours a week and honestly right now I have been struggling to find an hour out of the day. I am working on this, because I understand that it is essential for my education. I have taken charge of my education and make myself get up each day to be in class. As Bennett says in his article, active participation in the classroom is good because it helps to retain what is being learned. I am kind of loopy and it is hard for me to focus. I am really trying to concentrate in class. I have found that taking good notes and doing extra work is very beneficial. This helps me to be sure that I understand the material I am expected to know. One thing that is difficult for me to do that the author suggests, is get with people to study or ask for help. I am an extremely independent and do it myself kind of girl and this is something definitely worth working on.  I will need to open up and let others help me, especially in the future with the type of work that I want to do. This semester of college I have made sure that I go to sleep at a decent hour so that I am energized for the day. I have also found that waking up early and going on a 45 minute run gives me an energy boost as well. I did not know that you should not eat a big meal before a test. I always thought that it was good to, so that was interesting to find out. College work is much different then high school. I am a very well organized person and I care a lot about my work. I believe I have a good concept on what Bennett says to be “collegiate quality”. I enjoyed this article and I think that it has a lot of useful information that will be helpful now and in the future.

About Courtney S.

It is all about ME! :) Ten things that I am good at... 1.) dancing 2.) speaking 3.) leading 4.) organizing 5.) decision making 6.) writing 7.) creating 8.) working 9.) dreaming 10.) shopping Ten groups that I am in... 1.) yahoo mail 2.) facebook 3.) my family 4.) college 5.) Saltgrass 6.) Charming Charlies 7.) church 8.) Blockbuster 9.) Former En Croix President 10.) Former Patriette A big part of my life is dance. In high school I enjoyed my senior year as an officer of my drill team. Another one of my passions is helping young woman, like myself, with self confidence and I am a strong believer. I had the priveledge of being President of a club called En Croix. En Croix is a club for christian dancers. I loved being able to lead a club that I was very passionate about.
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