Goals of a Beginning Student

This passage has revealed a lot of facts to make me a successful student.

With this being my first time in college, I feel that I match up to some of his

concepts. I implement some of his suggestions already but, I need to

implement more to make me successful. I learned that my study time is that

of a full time job. So, I am glad that I made the decision to put my job on

hold to go to school full time. I don’t feel that I could have done all that with

a family. One weakness that I have is asking my peers for help because I

don’t want to depend on them to help me. I will ask if it’s a dire need. My

study time needs to be adjusted to more time. With me taking four classes; I

am learning to juggle study time and family for the first time. That will get

better with self discipline. While in high school, I was the type of person to

study the night before. Now, I know that I need to study everyday. If I study

effectively, then I can relax the day of any exam. Before I turn anything in

now, I catch myself reading all my work out loud. My kids smile at me but, I

know they will model this one day. Being in college I notice myself taking

more notes, checking my work, using  Microsoft Word more and knowing

that my presence in class is very important. These are things that I am

starting to implement to mold me into a successful college student. As a

future Physical Education teacher, these suggestions will make me a better

teacher. In order to get to my goal, I must strive for it.

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