Study of hours and Hours of study

I am always looking for new ideas on how to increase my chances for success in college. In the passage, Hints on how to succeed in college classes, by Jeff Bennett, I learned that I will need to set more time aside for studying. Bennett states that I should expect to study 2-3 hours outside of class per unit of credit. If his calculations are true, this means I will need to find about 39 hours per week and about 169 hours per month to study efficiently. These numbers can seem overwhelming, but if I can somehow manage to find these neccessary hours for study, be a full time father of two daughters, and work a full time job, I know that I can be just has successful in my future career. I also found that I could use illustrations when trying to explain what I am writing. I am a great artist and can not wait to put that skill into practice! What Bennett failed to explain, is that when I use an illustration in an assignment, is it counted as a page? This passage has a lot of useful tips for success, and I can not wait to measure its effectiveness, in my future.

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