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On the Way to Learning

            College, I have come to understand is a very demanding entity.  At the beginning one is not prepared for the ramifications of being overwhelmed at the entire process.  Systematically plugging away, doing what needs to be done, not studying.  Since reading these guidelines I better conceptualize a methodical approach to achieve better strategies for studying.  I have come to understand that I need to learn to study.

            One important factor in doing well is not to miss a class; from past classes I understand the important nuances of the class itself.  Not only does it promote better understanding; it allows you to be involved and to gain different perspectives.  In the past budgeting time was a problem.  As a home-maker with a large family, there never seemed to be enough time for all that needed tending.  The full impact of the amount of time devoted to studying was like running into a brick wall.  I have since learned to budget time efficiently and effectively to better facilitate a learning environment.

            After reading these guidelines I am on my way to a new perspective and a better understanding of learning to study.  With the help of these guidelines, the ability to methodically approach learning will be extremely helpful.  Through past classes I am able to see where the weaknesses were and to strengthen them in the future.  I am on the way to learning.

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