Ten groups/skills or talents.

Ten groups i’ve been in.

1. Boyscouts.
2. YMCA.
3. Kingwood Class of 07.
4. People who play xbox live.
5. people who speak their mind.
6. People born in Houston, Tx.
7. People with style.
8. People who write their own music.
9. People who write their own poetry.
10. Lastly, im in the group of peeople who can play the piano.

Ten things I am good at.

1. Weight lifting
2. keeping my calm in stressful situations.
3. I am good at being a true friend.
4. I am good at being rational.
5. I am a pretty good basketball player.
6. I am good at school.
7. I am good at looking out for myself.
8. I am independant and self reliant.
9. I am good at conveying how I feel through words.
10. I am good at being myself.

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