Forecasting Beautiful Sunny Skies for Tomorrow!

In the most crucial time of my teenage years, I began to suffer from depression. Most of the time I could not really understand why I was feeling the way that I did. Sometimes I would feel self conscious or not worthy, and othertimes I just did not know. It was extremely difficuly to function in high school feeling the way that I did. I blamed my hate for high school on the fact that it was just high school, when it was really my depression that was causing me to hate being there. Just this past September I put myself and my loved ones through a very horrible experience. That experience alone caused me to realize how much there is to be thankful for in life. There is nothing in life that is worth feeling how I did. Every little thing that happens in life is worthwhile and should be cherished. Everyday I look forward to the wonderful and beautiful things that life has in store for me the next day.

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