I Could Not Be More Blessed…

That is my six word autobiography.

We all go through trialing periods in our lives and I believe that mine was to show the great bond of our family. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2008. Thankfully, we caught it quickly enough that she did not have to go through kemo. Still, she has to have many reconstructive surgeries because of her whole left breast that they had to take in order to get all of the cancer out.

My mom is my world and the thought of loosing her was extremely hard for me to handle. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and despite the few minor surgeries to come she is strong and doing wonderfully. My mom’s breast cancer brought our family even closer together, but God had another plan in mind! He wanted us to be even closer, but this time the message was more powerful.

On the night of January 12, 2009, my dad was riding his motorcycle when a car in the turning lane bolted out in front of him. He was lifeflighted and was not expected to make it. This is the night whenI thought I had lost my dad. I remember finding out, leaving work and rushing to the hospital with my oldest sister without a peep from either of us. I can still see my “always having it together” mom’s face when we walked into the emergency room. I can still feel the comfort of my three sisters and I holding each other in a circle as we cried together. This was a feeling unlike any other, a feeling that I would not wish upon anyone. My dad spent two weeks in TSICU at Memorial Herman Hospital and is now at TIRR. He is doing great!

People tell me all the time, “Courtney you and your family have been through so much”, they feel sorry for me and my family. I do not understand why, because I believe that we are so blessed. I still have two parents that fought so hard for their lives for ME!

www.davidsitton.webs.com You can find out a little more about what is going on with my dad at this website.

About Courtney S.

It is all about ME! :) Ten things that I am good at... 1.) dancing 2.) speaking 3.) leading 4.) organizing 5.) decision making 6.) writing 7.) creating 8.) working 9.) dreaming 10.) shopping Ten groups that I am in... 1.) yahoo mail 2.) facebook 3.) my family 4.) college 5.) Saltgrass 6.) Charming Charlies 7.) church 8.) Blockbuster 9.) Former En Croix President 10.) Former Patriette A big part of my life is dance. In high school I enjoyed my senior year as an officer of my drill team. Another one of my passions is helping young woman, like myself, with self confidence and I am a strong believer. I had the priveledge of being President of a club called En Croix. En Croix is a club for christian dancers. I loved being able to lead a club that I was very passionate about.
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