I was lost, now I’m here!!!

 We all have our moments in which we know not of where to go and find ourselves lost. We make mistakes, mistakes that knock us down so hard that getting up seems almost impossible. Life carries us through alot of paths in which we have to decide where to go and who to be. Even though its hard to maintain the faith and pick yourself up, its definitely possible. Be yourself, and try your best. Its always the best way to go. I’ve tried before to act like what I wasn’t, say stuff I wouldn’t normally say and I can honestly say I had never felt so fake in my life. I felt like I had cheated on my own life and cut a little chance of it going the way it should. Ever since then I’ve been myself not caring what the world thinks about me but, caring for what I think about myself. Never let the world push you down, the world wouldn’t be a world without you.

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