Following the Yellow Brick Road

College for me is like following the yellow brick road.  You know the end of the road is the best part, but getting there is so complex and challanging to say the least.  My journey began years ago, not after I graduated high school, not after my daughter was born, but after my first run at vocational school.  The year was 2003, I had just moved my family to San Antonio with what I thought was a great job opportunity.  It quickly became a disaster.  I was layed off and the next day my husband was also layed off.  Times were only beginning to get rough.  I can remember laying in bed crying and wondering what we were g0ing to do.  I had been given one months salary as compensation and Brandon had to leave empty handed.  We saw a commercial for Career Point Institute.  This school offered an on-site daycare facility and career opportunities for medical, computers, and accounting.  Brandon immediately jumped on the opportunity and made us an appointment.  Unfortunatley my dear husband was not accepted due to unforseen problems.  I was and I wasn’t too happy.  They put me in the Medical Secretary program.  As class began I was only there to have a possible new career, as hospitality was dimenishing quickly.  However, to my surprise, I actually liked it!  In fact, I felt I had found my calling.  I told my self at graduation I would return to school to pursue my new passion for nursing or even doctor.  My goal was to begin by the time I was 25.  Well, here I am, quickly approaching my 26th birthday and I did it!

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