Narrative Peer Editing

Write your name on the paper on the left hand side at the top.

Read through the paper without making any marks.

Now go back through the paper. Using a separate sheet of paper, do the following:


Write down two things they did well. What was the most interesting thing in the narrative?  Was it a word use?  An interesting tidbit? The whole story?  What was the best written sentence? If their writing was clear and easy to follow, make sure you tell them so.


Tell the author what confused you the most as well.  Was it a word you didn’t know? A sentence that didn’t make sense until you re-read it several times?  Or a particular sequencing of events?


Look for the words you and your.  Circle these.  They do not belong in a narrative paper.

Look for contractions like you’re, don’t, wasn’t, and can’t.  Circle these.  They do not belong either.

If there is any extraneous material, where the author goes off topic, mark it with brackets. [Like this.]

If there is any place where you think the author could have added more detail, mark it with a big asterick.*

Is there a point to the story and does the author make the point clear?  They don’t have to say, “I learned never to drink after someone you don’t know because you might get strep.”  Instead, they could say, “Since then I have avoided drinking after anyone.  It turned out to be too dangerous.”  Write down what you think the point of the story is.

Write in a single sentence what the story is about.

Is the title interesting or catchy?  A Dangerous Drink… Or did they make it too pedantic? The Time I Drank Too Much.

Is the heading correct?

  • Their name
  • English 1301-and the hour
  • Dr. Davis
  • February 2, 2009

NOTE: The due date for this paper was February 2.  But the due date for the paper I am going to grade is February 4.  Make sure you change the date on your own paper.

Are the second through fifth pages labeled in the top right hand corner with the person’s last name and the page number?  i.e., Haston 2

Is the paper double spaced throughout?

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