The soldier of today

Many soldiers today have it rough. One thing that has plagued the military for a long time is the high divorce rate. While I was in, our source of entertainment was hearing stories of infedilty. From getting involved with neighbors, to even fellow soldiers. You see a soldier needs  strong support from their loved ones to be able to do their job. While I was deployed, I saw many of my Marines worried about their wives back home. If we are on the battlefield the only thing I want him thinking about is the situation at hand, not if his wife is cheating. Now I know what you might say- they married the wrong one. Well think about it, in non-war time, we are deployed for six months, in war-time, it is atleast a year. Many loved ones say that they would wait, but most never do. They constantly think that their soldier will not be coming home. A famous military saying is that the toughest job in the military is the soldier’s spouse. So next time someone says, “We support our troops” , ask them, “Do you really?”.

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