What I want the most

I can not remember a moment in life, when I did not want to be in the medical field. I remember as a child when
I became sick, I enjoyed going to the doctor. I could not wait to see how they were going to fix me. So, several years later I have decided to go back to school and become what I have always wanted. To be a nurse and specialize in pediactric trauma. English 1301 is a prerequisite in getting me there, but it is also a key factor in another passion of mine. I enjoy writing and drawing. I hope that this class gets me into the nurse program, but I also hope it provides me with the knowledge and tools I will need in writing my book. I want to write about homelessness. Not just what we see on the streets, but what we do not see. I want to tell their stories and show who we have forgotten. I want to show that not everyone who is homeless had a choice to be where they are now, but I also want to tell how we are the same as well. How some of us have a place to call home and still feel homeless inside. How some live with a feeling of not belonging, Unaccepted, lost, and sometimes neglected. How we all strive to be part of a something so we feel we belong or are needed. In the end, homeless or not, we all look to a better tomorrow. In my tomorrow, I will be a nurse with a magic pen.

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