Look! A baby!…

That is what it should be considered at conception, but other people seem to think otherwise. Did you know that a babies’ heart starts beating at week two of a pregnancy? Abortion is the killing of another human being. Most people do not see it that way, but it is. Abortion is very wrong and should be stopped. Why is it legal to stop the heart of the most defenseless example of life, but people go to jail if they kill a man walking down the  street or a woman going home from work? What is the difference?

About Stephanie Gonzalez

I am 5'4 feet tall. I love spicy foods. I can burp the alphabet. I love painting my fingernails! I absolutely, positively love music and singing! I sing everyday. I like classical music, but I mostly listen to most rock music and its subgenres. I like metal too! :) I enjoy reading. I adore bright and catchy colors. Shoes are an obsession! I never go anywhere without my ipod. i used to write poetry. I love to talk and meet new people, but I am too shy to go out and randomly introduce myself. That just about scratches the surface of me! :)
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