Teenage pregenancy

The best argument for this topic is that teenage pregenacy is caused mainly by the media. The reason is because teenagers like to do what they see on tv, and what celeberities are doing. Teenagers want to have sex and be cool becuase they think that if they have sex it will make them seem like they are cool,and also they think that it will make them become popular. But in reality it does not make them poplular it makes them less of somone other teenagers their age want to look up to. Teenagers do not relize the procautions taking for unwanted pregenacy after sex. Teemagers think that they can just have sex and not  be safe about, that is where they make the mistake becuase they think that on tv that the celeberities don not use protection. This is what causes a teenager to get pregnat becuase they just want to try and be cool, by doing what they see on tv,but little do they know that they have to be responsible, most teenagers tend to not know the person very well,or have not been dating them for more than a week, and another thing is teenagers tend to break up with someone after they have sex with each other. Teens thinbk that it is all a game and, fun but little do they know that this is n ot just playing anymore, it is the real deal. they have a baby or found out they have made a mistake and they regret what they have done, all to just be cool and do what looks cool on tv, so they  think that they will be cool for doing what the media has done. The media latley has promtoing sex by showing it alot on daytime tevelvision and shows on tv that kids watch that will promote them to try what the tv stars do.

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