Adult Stem Cell Research – Thesis

The use of embryonic and adult stem cell research has been an issue of concern for more than two decades because of the methods used to retrieve the cells, immunological issues, and practical issues surrounding the research of both types of cells.
I have a tendency to be more biased toward accepting adult stem cell research and rejecting embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cells are not fatal to any life involved when retrieving them from a biopsy. They are also not proven in the United States of America to be of any use in cases of severe disease, although there are a few cases in Portugal where humans have experienced extreme recovery after being implanted with them. However, adult stem cell research has been difficult, if not  impossible, to replicate. These many experiments with adult stem cells are conducted without the loss of human life. Embryonic stem cells are retrieved by destroying a fertilized human embryo by disintegrating the cell matrix to leave only stem cells behind. The uses of embryonic stem cells are also not proven in cases in the United States of America and appear less practical than adult stem cells because of the moral issues involved. Embryonic stem cell research has an extra decade of research attributed to it and is no more effective than adult stem cell research, and embryonic stem cell research has no more information about it than does adult stem cell research regardless of the extra time spent experimenting with it.

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