child abuse thesis and reason

For some reason, child abuse is an issue that continues to be weighed lightly, and the long term effects, statistics and the safety of the future generations will continue to get worse if that doesn’t change.

i chose this subject, because as a child i suffered abuse. not sexually but physically and mentally, and i can say that that experience really altered my life in such a way that i matured and i got very lucky. i didnt turn out as bad as some people who went throught the same thing i did, but i can relate to it because i could’ve easily fallen in the effects of child abuse… such as depression, or anger. there are many more effects but i didnt suffer any and i can say that this topic should be taken care of before many more children have to suffer what i did or worse.

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i want to be an art teacher. i am going to transfer to sam houston university spring 2010. i enjoy writing stories but im not so good at grammer... i need help in that area.
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