Stem cell research Thesis

Stem cell research is a sensitive subject that many individuals either agree or disagree upon depending on what they believe such as whether or not the embryo is considered life, the medical advancements that can be made with the use of stem cells, and the moral issues that are attached to stem cell research and use.

I personally take the side of stem cell research. I favor this side because of all the medical advancements that are possible with the use of these cells. People with life threatening diseases such as leukemia and even quadriplegics are able to have the opportunity to be healed with stem cells. The stem cells come from an embryo that is only 64 cells, that type of embryo has no brain, they cannot think or feel anything. Scientifically the embryo is not yet considered a human. So many lives can be saved with stem cell research because of the versatility of the stem cells, thats why i strongly support this issue.

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