Family Structure Differences

Divorce is a controversial issue regarding the best interest of the child; differences as well as similarities are apparent in each of the family structures contributing to the emotional, social, and economic wellbeing of the child.

“Although children are about twice as likely to be living in poverty after their parents’ divorce,” (chances are the middle-class children will unlikely be affected due to the job oppornuties that are available, concluded a study that was in high regard in 1977 by the Carnegie Council on Children (Whitehead 10). 

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I am a 29 year old divorced mother of a beautiful baby girl named Emma. Even though I love being a self employed massage therapist; I've chosen to go back to school to obtain a career as an Occupational Therapist. I thought it would be best to have a job that has a stable paycheck that will provide security for my daughter and I. Over ten years since I've been in college, so I'm a little overwhelmed but also up for the challenge.
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