ESCR Contraversies

Although many people agree with stem cell research, embryonic stem cell research is highly debated due to the destruction of embryos, fear of cloning, and overall success rate to using embryonic stem cells.

A major concern to ESCR, one that has halted government funding, is the destruction of the embryos.  However, many do not understand the full scope of the donated embryos.  Embryos used for research are actually excess embryos from a in-vitro fertility clinic.  Once a couple feels their family is complete, many of the unused, fertilized eggs are discarded or donated to science for study.  The embryos used for this research are fertlilized in the lab not from a womans womb.

While there is little understanding in how cancer begins, ESCR could be a major stepping stone in such discoveries.   Most are concerned with cloning, while hospitals and donor waiting list participants would welcome a renewable source of replacement cells (National Institute of Health).

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