Peer Review: Literary Analysis


Is the heading correctly done?

Student name

Class name

Dr. Davis

Today’s date

Does the second page of the outline have last name and ii in the upper right hand corner?

Do all other pages have last name and page number in the upper right hand corner?



Do the titles on the outline page and the paper page match?

Is it interesting?



Does the thesis sentence follow the title?

Are there at least 5 Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V)?

Do each of those have at least an A and a B?

If there is an A, is there a B?

If there is a 1, is there a 2?

Are there any sentences besides the thesis?  If there are, are all of the points sentences?



How many sources are in the Works Cited?

Are they all cited in the paper?  (Go through skimming for them and see.)

Which ones are not?

Aside from the introduction and the conclusion, does every paragraph have at least one citation?

Is there at least one direct quote?

Are there more than 20% in direct quotes?

If a quote has four lines or more, is it formatted as a blockquote?

Read through the introduction and underline the thesis sentence.  

Write down what the paper is about based on that thesis sentence.

Do any of the paragraphs (aside from the introduction) start with a quote?  If so, which ones?  (They shouldn’t.)


writing-tongue-outRead through the second paragraph.

Which part of the thesis sentence is it dealing with?

Which sentence is the most interesting?  Put a star by it.

Is any sentence confusing?  Put a question mark by it.


Read through the rest of the paragraphs (except the conclusion) and do the same as above.


Read the concluding paragraph.  How does it wrap up the discussion?


What did you think the paper was about?  Write that in a sentence, please.


Write down what you think the author did well in their paper.


Write down one thing you think they could have done better.


What did you learn from their paper?  Either something about the topic or some way that you can improve your paper.

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