Beauty Is Only A Light Switch Away! lol

Love at first sight is no more than a moment between a couple that is over-exaggerated and influenced by peer pressure. Think about it… How many times have we found ourselves dating someone our friends or family thought was a great person….they are smart, funny, responsible, and great looking. It is often funny to think that we never realized those qualities until someone else pointed them out. It is part of our everyday social culture. It is so routine that we even fail to realize that we are accepting someone elses choice. We are only trying to be part of the popular norm and in doing so, we fill a void in our lives for a short period of time. After all, it’s our nature. For all those who have taken sociology, know that we are all products of nurture and only act out on what our culture has taught us to be normal or right. Am I wrong? How many times have you bumped into a person you dated in the past and thought “What did I see in Him/Her”? More times than we would like to think! We chose or choose to date a particular person unconsciously seeking approval and acceptence from our peers and when the lime light dims…we so often run and seek it again. Face it, there is no such thing as love at first sight…Butterflies in the stomach are just a bad case of social anxiety and is our nature that we seek to be nurtured. This is why many of us also choose to cyber-date. Still more times than we would like, we have been taken on an emotional roller coaster by a great personality that did not live up to the submitted picture on profile…lol. But don’t let this get you down, that person can still make a great friend or if not….Beauty is only a light switch away!….lol

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